Hello, from Glenwood, Iowa!


We have been really busy at Lizzie's Lather creating soap, experimenting with different scents and textures, and expanding our horizons each day.


This spring and summer we have been concentrating on specialty soaps such as shampoo bars, charcoal facial bars, and trying new ingredients like pine tar. We are constantly trying new recipies and tweeking old ones so make sure you visit our ever changing web page whenever you can.


Handcrafted soaps represent one of the true luxuries of life! By retaining all of the moisturizing glycerine, handcrafted soaps help to restore the moisture balance to your skin. We make Lizzie's Lather in 12-pound batches, hand stirring in the traditional "cold process" method. After being hand-cut, the soap is allowed to cure for 4 to 6 weeks before being sold. This process results in a rich, luxurious lathering soap that is gentle, non-drying, and as emollient as possible. In addition to fine base oils and 7% shea butter, we may add herbs, spices, grains, flowers, pure essential oils and high quality fragrance oils to the soap.


We know once you try Lizzie's Lather soap, you will love the way your skin feels. You will no longer feel the dry itchy skin after a shower or bath!


Michele & Crew

Whats New?

  • Charcoal Facial Bars
  • Shampoo bars
  • Pine Tar Bars

Upcoming events!

  • Silver Dollar City Fall Harvest; Branson, MO Sept 7 thru Oct 30, 2018

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